Sugar Bd/ Vent shim


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Sugar Bd/ Vent shim

Sugar Bd/ Vent shim
Sugar Bd/ Vent shim Sugar Bd/ Vent shim Sugar Bd/ Vent shim
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This is a Sugar Board feeds the bees in winter and vents the hive in summer. Thick sugar winter patty lays on sreen area for winter use. Winter sugar patty is made of 10 lbs of sugar a variety of essential oils for bees health, lemongrass and honey for attraction. This sugar board is placed on top of brood box with inner cover and lid on top. The sugar absorbs moisture through out the hive, which makes small droplets and softens the sugar on bottom side of board the bees eat and drink sugar which helps feed them all winter long. This sugar board desigin is also for summer use which it is placed above the inner cover when opening hive in spring. You can leave on hive placed above inner cover in summer and it helps with ventalation bees have no problem walking through the sreen material. Order with or with out the winter patty sugar. 

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