2 Hives w/ Bees


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2 Hives w/ Bees

2 Hives w/ Bees
Product Code: 2 Hive Special w/ Bees
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* Live Bees:

* Marked Queen Bee:

* Bottom Board:

* Box Assembly:

* Feeders:

* Painting:

* Outer Lid / Cover:

* Hive Stand:

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$40 savings. With 2 complete hives, Live Bees, as compared to purchasing items separately. 

Begin your beekeeping adventure without having to piece together all the parts.  Add in the BeeHive Bucket for all the necessary tools and you are good to go with your 2 new hives.

Complete 2 Hive Setup: Each hive comes with: 10 Frame Hive or 8 Frame Hive

  • 2 deep brood box w/ wood frames
  • deep wire wax foundation
  • 1 medium honey super box w/ wood frames
  • medium wire wax foundation
  • choice of bottom board, (solid or screen bottom)
  • entrance reducer
  • inner cover
  • telescoping lid w/ aluminum or garden hive style
  • choice of top hive feeder, division board feeder, or no feeder
  • PACKAGE3lb of bees with queen from Georgia
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